Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is so important for the upkeep of your vehicle as it can have an adverse effect on the steering, the road handling, the tyre wear of your vehicle, as well as the higher fuel consumption and general damage to your vehicle.  At both our depots we want to ensure that your wheel alignment is accurate so that you have better control and handling while driving as well as a safer journey.

Headlight Alignment

We at the tyre centre, not only look after your tyres, we also provide headlight alignment.  Having your headlight aligned properly assists you when driving in poor light or darkness and can also help reduce dazzling other drivers.  It is also essential for MOT that your headlights are adjusted properly.

Wheel Balancing

Having your wheels balanced correctly is beneficial for the performance of your vehicle.  Unbalanced wheels will usually result in a vibration in the steering wheel or/and a vibration throughout your whole vehicle.  If the wheels on your vehicle are not balanced, this can cause premature tyre wear along with damages to the suspension parts in your vehicle.  Also remember to get your wheels balanced and aligned if you hit a kerb or drive over a pothole.

Puncture Repair

If you need a tyre repaired we at the Dungiven and Magherafelt tyre centre will inspect the tyre throughly.  We will do this to see if the tyre can be repaired. If it is unsafe to repair we would advise that the tyre needs to be replaced.

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